Dees Yo-Yo Continues

Almost every one of my reports for Dees games open with an excessively kind comment directed towards the MCG, but this wasn’t just any old day. A 6:30 start to the airport to see my brother off to America was the main differential from my average footy-going day. There’s something I love about the Airport [Read more]

Will you damn well take the game on you Crows!

  Back. Sideways. Sideways. Back. Sideways. Back.   No, it’s not the latest dance craze, nothing as entertaining as that.   It’s the pattern of the Crows’ ball movement, the ‘Slow Sherrin Shuffle’, and it’s driving the fans crazy.   Exhibit A: last Friday night, second quarter, Docklands.   Ben Rutten takes the kick-in after [Read more]

Time Shifted Thrills

That week, Round 13, I was not going to be able to watch my Tigers battle the Lions at the Gabba that week, due to the fact that I was scheduled to keyboard St Kilda vs Geelong at the same time through my job with Champion Data. It goes without saying that it is an [Read more]

GigStuff 55

  by Andrew Gigacz THERE’S TONS TO TALK ABOUT Over the past few days I haven’t been able to get the Crowded House song, Four Seasons in One Day, out of my head. But as I’ve been singing it, in my mind and occassionally (to the great annoyance of my sons) out loud, the first [Read more]

Harmony Sainters’ style

Love and death. Or on the hip side of the Yarra: sex and death. That would be the St Kilda side. (Of the Yarra) Love and death. It’s the sum total of it all. Saturday night and I am in the kitchen dealing with kids. I have been occupying them, entertaining them, playing with them, [Read more]

Good Guys and Heroes

By Sasha Lennon Saturday the 18th of June 2011 was a special day.  It was a day for good guys and heroes.  It was about players past and present, and what happened on the field was just a side-story. My eight year-old daughter Molly and I were in Hawthorn’s second home of Launceston, to watch [Read more]

He’s alright, this [Geelong player*] *insert your preferred young’un

    He’s alright, this kid Menzel.   In 2007 when the Cats finally won a flag, I was in London desperately searching for a pub that was showing the game at two in the morning. As the opening bounce drew closer I knew that we were going to win, and that I wasn’t going [Read more]

A day with the Tigers

  by John Green There are many types of Tiger in the football jungle. They may be found in places as diverse as Coburg, Werribee, Mitcham, Morwell, Colac-Coragulac, Woori Yallock, Kyneton and Foster. Or Glenelg, if you want to continue your safari outside Victoria. Today I’m watching the Tigers in the afternoon and fronting up [Read more]

Happy families, but not when it comes to the Swannies

Bloody hell, the Swans should have made a bit more of an effort for Dad’s Seventy-Sixth birthday.   We should have switched the teev off fourteen minutes into the first term.  Three goals, one, to one behind, things were looking good.  Then Prinz Eugen marked, dead in front, and three minutes later, the ODNBs had [Read more]

Nothing Sweeter

I’m not old enough to understand the hate and bitterness North Melbourne folk have towards the people of Windy Hill, but I do know that there is probably no better feeling than beating Essendon, especially when you’re the underdogs and they are ‘premature premiership chances’. I know that North’s push into the VFL was thwarted [Read more]

St Kilda’s Night of the Living Dead

Considering the top shelf drama that games between these two clubs have provided in recent years, this was a night more notable for what was missing than what actually transpired. No Ablett. No Selwood. No Hayes. After a few minutes, no Bartel. But most significantly, no St Kilda.


WHERE LIFE IMITATES SPORT What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Team of The Mighty West drove another nail into The Coffin of South Australia as they overhauled and eventually ran away from them on Friday night.  The Leafblowers were roaring in the Leafy East as their heroes demolished The Little Rays of [Read more]

Winter in the West

Winter has made its annual guest appearance in Perth.  Water sporadically fell from the sky, and seasoned observers confirmed this as a rare phenomenon called ‘rain’.  While the east coast has been deluged in the past 6 months, over here the ducks learn to swim by correspondence class.   And so to Subiaco for a [Read more]

The very many things I learned or “Were you watching and learning from the Clinic Geelong put on tonight?”:

Don’t play the same team that Geelong keep beating.  Other than Stevens, all were older and none the wiser playing against the top team so far this year. Don’t kick out of bounds. If you are going to pick up a Geelong player, can we get a better one please? Don’t expect the old guard [Read more]

Round 13 Blog: Unlucky for Some

Coaches requiems are already being written; some teams are still a ‘mathematical’ chance for finals; it must be mid-season. The Dogs host the Crows tonight for the right to remain a ‘mathematical’ chance. Essendon host North, whose recent form is actually the better of the two. Is Sir James’ halo slipping? Hawthorn introduce the Gold [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a seven weeks it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Barcelona took the Championship Trophy at Wembley, driving the Northern Scum into the turf.  The Spanish dominance continued at Roland Garros when another Brit bit the dust as RRRRRaffallll dismembered Andy Murray.  Red Bull went from strength to strength in spite [Read more]