Haiku Bob: Round 12- change of scenery

change of scenery — the first gamer adds some colour         rolling waves — leon breaks the last line         pale clouds — the Demon’s defence wearing thin           another sunburnt Pom — Wellingham slices through like they’re witches hats           [Read more]

How Clarko saved Geelong

Saturday afternoon. I am reading nineteenth century newspapers, writing about the 1898 Grand Final. And waiting for time to pass until I get the train to the MCG. Jungle Ruler has just saluted. I am containing myself. I am happy in the way that Crows fans are not, because on the television the Adelaide Football [Read more]

Forgive Me Father

I awoke on Sunday morning racked with guilt. Is it a sin to ignore your own team? To be drawn into, and absorbed by, another match at the expense of the club you love? Bless me, Father Brosnan, for I have sinned…

Cats v Hawks, Another Thriller, What did we expect?

Hawthorn v Geelong Rd 12 MCG 7.10pm Wow! What a game! We all know the recent history of the Cats and the Hawks but can we keep expecting them to deliver every time they meet? Every time they play it’s built up and anticipated as a huge clash of FIERCE RIVALS, and unlike other “Big [Read more]

The right decision

  by Nick Sculley On Friday afternoon I was faced with a decision; leave a pile of well overdue study for yet another day and head to Etihad Stadium to watch my beloved Saints, or get it out of the way on Friday and visit the Mecca on Saturday night for what surely would be [Read more]

Debt demolition

by Andrea McNamara It’s Women’s Round in the AFL – something I find quite unnecessary to draw attention to, since females make up about half the crowd every week and that’s not a new thing either. Anyway, as it turns out, I go to the footy with three other females, and this year we upgraded [Read more]

Heartaches by the Number

  by Rick Kane   On Saturday night I caught a train home from the MCG feeling lost and despondent. I knew what the Hawks could have done better. I know that the Hawks can take it right up to the Cats. I know a free kick when I see one. And boy, I know [Read more]

Bloods land a winner

by Jake “Cobba” Stevens If footy is my favorite sport, then fishing (If you can call it a sport) would be my second. As unpopular and boring some people think that it is, nothing makes me happier than getting out onto the water and wetting a line. I live in Mt Martha on the Mornington [Read more]

Going to the footy

by Richard Naco I love going to the footy. Sydney on Sunday was cold, wet and miserable (as forecasted), and although my family and I prevaricated to almost the very last second, in the end the lure of the game proved too great and it was off to the SCG that we went. I love [Read more]

JK’s Round 12 Wrap

by John Kingsmill Coming back from Gay’s today, there was a new piece of graffiti on a neighbour’s wall. Love, it read, in cursive longhand, on an alley wall in Regent Street South. It reminded me of Arthur Stace, writing Eternity on Sydney footpaths in chalk in the thirties. I saw Love from my balcony [Read more]

The Hawks looking for oxygen

I recently obtained a new oxygen machine which includes a backpack and two batteries that last for about five hours each*. This machine has brought a new independence to my life, so I decided I would be brave and attempt an evening at the footy to see my team play the Cats.  It was Round [Read more]

The Slow Journey From Hope To Joy

    I’ve been writing about hope for several weeks.  My fellow writer and muse John Harms has suggested I read Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning and then the wonderful yarn by Brian Matthews:   A Fine and Private Place. Victor’s book is about a man’s search for understanding  the suffering at the hands [Read more]

Round 12 Blog

Halfway point of the season. Though many hope to continue beyond round 24. Two who’ve been recent September fixtures (Saints & Bulldogs) meet tonight, with the loser sliding inexorably into the realm of only being a ‘mathematical chance’ of playing finals. Cup of Constant Sorrow indeed. Adelaide host West Coast on Saturday afternoon with the Eagles looking [Read more]