Roller-coaster? Not in the lexicon of this disciplined writer.

by Jonathan Rivett I won’t use “roller coaster”. I refuse to flog that dead-horse metaphor. It’s not that it’s a fatally flawed analogy – if you think of the roller coaster car as your emotions and then make the track the experience in question, it works reasonably well. It’s also not that it’s been monumentally [Read more]

Big Numbers Favour the Dees

So it’s The Dons v The Dees at the G. It’s got a good ring about it, and I’m looking forward to a great game of footy. A couple of things have me slightly disturbed, it’s a night game which I’m not overly excited about and Essendon are coming off a rest weekend. Luckily it’s [Read more]

Hot Chocolate and Cold Bombers

Recently, three year 11’s and myself started a business. It was called Choc&Chops, we sold hot chocolate and hot chips to the rest of the school at lunchtime (the ‘chops’ is a dig at the New Zealand accent). This was THE assessment task for Business Management unit 1. The four of us had to venture [Read more]