The Replay Replay

Rematch – noun a second match between teams, challengers, etc.; return match. or Replay –  noun a repetition, recurrence, or re-enactment. Saturday June 4th, the 2010 Grand Final Replay Replay. No, it’s not an Albert E. Arkwright stutter from Open All Hours, this “Replay Replay” business is serious!  For years the media have pumped up the first [Read more]

Preparing (again) for the Big Blow

by Joseph Walker I’m walking through the gates at school anxious and ready for the Big Blow. It’s two days after the Grand Final Replay, and I’m a Saints supporter. First comes Callum. He’s one of my best mates and a die-hard Magpie. Behind him are Stefan and Liam. They’re also really good friends of mine [Read more]

Other than football…

Yesterday, on Saturday 4th June, I joined a friend from the budding Glen Eira Artists Society at a stall in Carnegie.  It was part of the support provided by friends and colleagues and community to the artist Anthony Breslin.  Several years ago, Anthony used his life savings and substantial borrowings to buy an old church.  [Read more]

Confident Pies cause bootyshake syndrome

For those of you who were looking forward to a match report by yours truly on the Pies vs Saints game i do sincerely apologise. As the season flowed it was said the threat to Collingwood would be the Eagles- well, we beat them. Then people said no, the Saints are still the worst threat to [Read more]