the shudder of bones

autumn rain — Pendlebury slips into the stream when I crack my knuckles     our first goal chilly MCG — empty seats but not too much to be quiet about mist blunt air head down Ball hammers into the shudder of bones the sun has gone off somewhere but here’s Daisy! dusk presents itself Cloke [Read more]

Pies step up to step on Eagles

mercurial (of person) sprightly, ready-witted, volatile From half-time on, the story of this game was always going to be the three moments of brilliance from The Mop.  While those moments lit up the game, the bigger story should be that this was a vastly improved performance on our most recent efforts. At the start of [Read more]

Floreat Pica Heritage Round

When roster vacancies arose for the Weagles game, I not only put my own hand up, but also cajoled TAFKATBM (The Artist Formerly Known As The Big Man for those relatively new to the Floreat Pica Society) to write the DR for old times’ sake. FPS began in 2005 and in the early years I [Read more]