Footy’s On

“Footy’s on, footy’s here again, back to greet me like an old friend”.  Oh how true that is Champs!  I’ve been to three live games over the first two weeks at the MCG, with a total margin of 1 point.  Its great to have the game back in my weekly life. The G is a [Read more]

Drawing a Blank

Tuning into the Swans v Demons match last season caused me to whimper like a dog and all of my teeth to fall out.  Despite being the catalyst for a magnificent comeback the shock of that 73 point belting has haunted me ever since and when I found out we were playing them in round [Read more]

A new beginning?

Melbourne V Sydney By Steve Healy Round 1. It represents a new beginning. But for the Demons, it has so often represented a new ending. Who could forget our disappointing first match in 2007 against St.Kilda, where it would signify the end of the Daniher era? Or 2008, when we were obliterated to our core [Read more]

Family spills the beans

It’s not often that the Swans play in Melbourne. And I always try to make an effort to see my boys live every possible time when they are in Melbourne. But sometimes it just doesn’t work like that. Sometimes I have footy to play. Other times I have work. And sometimes it happens to be [Read more]