Blues turn gun on themselves, still manage to miss

To figure out what you stand for, it usually helps to know what you stand against. In this regard, Collingwood has proved invaluable to Carlton supporters. But if I was to turn to chapter one, page one of my personal book of nemeses, you wouldn’t find a Magpie. Instead, there’d be a big snarling Tiger. [Read more]


  My friend, Michael, is soon to rejoin the Aussie foreign legion. It consists of expats spread throughout the earth who need to rely on the internet to keep up with the footy scores. The connection is none-too-reliable in the far north of Cameroon in Africa. Michael barracks for Carlton and is working with his [Read more]

Tigers Answer Daffey’s Plea

Double maths, first thing in the morning, is never easy. Especially when you’re in Year 11 and the first bounce of the 2011 AFL Footy Season is still 10 hours away. But, I managed to struggle through it (as always), but didn’t escape the wrath of the fiery maths teacher (as always). My mood was [Read more]