I take thee, Sainter

Round One Bye David Downer   The council paddock behind our Glen Waverley childhood home staged some fierce after-school battles. Kick to kick. Then fight. Then squeal to Mum. Generally in that order. I was Tony Lockett. My brother Chris, he was Tony Lockett too. In reality, Chris’ kicking gait was more circa-1980s Stewie Loewe. [Read more]

Footy’s On

“Footy’s on, footy’s here again, back to greet me like an old friend”.  Oh how true that is Champs!  I’ve been to three live games over the first two weeks at the MCG, with a total margin of 1 point.  Its great to have the game back in my weekly life. The G is a [Read more]

I’ve Waited a Long Time for This

Round One, Friday night, March 25. Geelong v StKilda, MCG I’ve been waiting 38 years for this game, that being the length of time since I last lived in Victoria for a footy season. That long absence has not diminished my love for the Cats, if anything it has reinforced and enhanced it but I [Read more]

Drawing a Blank

Tuning into the Swans v Demons match last season caused me to whimper like a dog and all of my teeth to fall out.  Despite being the catalyst for a magnificent comeback the shock of that 73 point belting has haunted me ever since and when I found out we were playing them in round [Read more]

There’s nothing that can substitute a good crowd ….aka uncomfortably numb.

Hi there everyone, Not sure about the rest of you ‘nackers but I’m still in a sense of shock/numbness that footy is back… Anyway after an exciting first round I’m still (slightly)perturbed by 2 issues: Why is the football community obsessed with rule changes and does the sub rule change really matter anyway? (i’m more [Read more]

Before and After

by Yvette Wroby 1  Ok, footy starts tonight with Carlton and Richmond.  The season begins and we are so ready to get away from scandals and injuries and misbehaving footballers and agents, just get back to the games we actually want to hear, see and read about. So the day before our first match against [Read more]

Arma’s Club Corner – Edition 3

by Arma Nasco Adelaide: Has recently launched “Super Seven” on Crows TV where they feature seven super moments from the previous round. It wasn’t hard for them to come up with a good set of seven from their opening round win. Looking forward to seeing if the “Super Seven” idea still has legs in the [Read more]

A new beginning?

Melbourne V Sydney By Steve Healy Round 1. It represents a new beginning. But for the Demons, it has so often represented a new ending. Who could forget our disappointing first match in 2007 against St.Kilda, where it would signify the end of the Daniher era? Or 2008, when we were obliterated to our core [Read more]

St Kilda: Out of their comfort zone

I think us Saints fans are now decidedly out of our comfort zone.  For so long we carried the mantle as “everyone’s second favourite team” or “the loveable loser” – but in recent years, despite still not having won anything, it seems we are now public enemy one – very unfamiliar territory for a Saint [Read more]

Blues turn gun on themselves, still manage to miss

To figure out what you stand for, it usually helps to know what you stand against. In this regard, Collingwood has proved invaluable to Carlton supporters. But if I was to turn to chapter one, page one of my personal book of nemeses, you wouldn’t find a Magpie. Instead, there’d be a big snarling Tiger. [Read more]

Is There a Defence?

The simple answer is yes, there most certainly is a defence and it kept last year’s Prelim Finalist to 6 goals. It’s the attack that is the issue. I don’t mind pragmatism in footy. The Saints forward line on Friday night will not go down in history as the game’s most potent. A coach can [Read more]

I Don’t Care

By Andrew Else A text message from a friend before the game read: “Today is the first day of our new football lives”. I’d heard them all throughout the off-season: Bomber did the dirty; Hirdy is just the coffee boy; Goodwin is your best midfielder; David’s Dad wouldn’t have done such a thing; My response is simple: [Read more]

Family spills the beans

It’s not often that the Swans play in Melbourne. And I always try to make an effort to see my boys live every possible time when they are in Melbourne. But sometimes it just doesn’t work like that. Sometimes I have footy to play. Other times I have work. And sometimes it happens to be [Read more]

Haiku Bob- the twirling sherrin

footy season begins all the teams freshly tattooed first game of the year – Ball tackles without hesitation umpire’s whistle – side by side fingers point together crisp autumn shadows – they answer each one of our goals feeling closer to home – Cloke shanks one sun slips through clouds Pendlebury finds himself on the [Read more]

A Bad Start and a Good Start

Before the first bounce of the footy at the Collingwood/Port Adelaide game, the teams lined up and loudspeaker played the National Anthem. “WTF “ I thought to myself. If I had looked at the Footy Recod I would have realised that “Gertie by the Sea” was being played at the start of all Round One [Read more]

The View From Shepparton: Round 1

The View can await from its slumbers. Or nightmares as far as the cricket team is concerned. On the latter, despite all of the breast beating surely it is as simple as this. The team has slipped but this was as inevitable as day follows night. So at end of the day Tait, Lee, Johnson, [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The round started with The Bluebaggers come from behind win against the dogged but ragged Tigers on the Thursday night.  Friday night’s clash between two September contenders droned on until the time keeper could stand it no longer and rang the bell with [Read more]

Harms on Round 1

Thursday evening. I am thankful for football. Football takes Anna and me to the North Fitzroy Arms where we join the footy tipping comp, and catch up with the grey-haired wits who gather there. Anna has a lemonade-Coke (as we call it on our household). We head home. An hour off the opening bounce. Fish [Read more]

Better your own socks…

I have no better description of Geelong’s win over the stodgy Saints than to say it was a bit like smelling your own socks; not a particularly pleasant experience but better than the alternative which would be smelling someone else’s. The game had a peculiar feeling about it right from the start. The crowd was [Read more]

Round 1 Geelong v St-Kilda: Winning Ugly

Tennis journeyman Brad Gilbert penned a ripping book called Winning Ugly. His tome details all manner of methods used to conquer more talented opponents. He concentrates on the mental rather than the physical. He details myriad ways to finagle. Gilbert didn’t have the panache of a McEnroe (although after beating him in three sets at [Read more]