preliminary final – the clock stops

    late september the veteran scores the winning goal     the MCG in spring — alive with hawks, magpies and seagulls     the moon punches a hole in the sky — Tarrant spoils     bad live stream our hopes flickering     spring haze a field of heavy-limbed footballers     [Read more]

My Magpies refuse to die but almost kill me in the process

Furious!!! Would be a good word to describe how I felt by half time. Crap!!! Would be a good word to describe how we were playing. Fierce!!! Would be a good word to describe how they were playing, and gob-smacked!!! Pretty much summarizes how I felt by the end of it all.

Best Night Ever.

A few years ago we met a family from Zimbabwe who had started going to our church at Rosanna. The father, MT, was studying at Latrobe University. MT and Rhee, like us, have three young kids and so we invited them over for a meal. Our three children James, Thomas and Ben loved running around [Read more]

The willing and the wounded weave a way to the big day

    escapology n. methods and technique of escaping esp. from captivity, confinement in box etc.   Yes, this was a great escape for the Pies, and we make it through to the finale by the skin of our teeth.   The record volume of FPS email traffic pre-match said a lot about the excitement [Read more]

Pies v Hawks Discussion

If eagle trumps seagull, does Hawk trump Magpie? Collingwood have been dominant in defence of their flag. But we all know about the Magpies in September. Do Hawthorn outswoop them? Or will form prevail? Let ‘er rip.