deeper into spring

spring sunset the difference a goal makes       freshly cut fields Swan feeds on the MCG     cloud then sun then cloud yet to hit our stride       looking for the angle Krakouer turns his back to the goals       a gap in the clouds Wellingham catches the [Read more]

What a bloody relief

This was a game we just had to win. Inexplicably a team with a 20-1 record had dropped the last round of the season by 96 points and now found themselves in a final facing a team with a 17-5 record, only half a game inferior to what got us top spot last year. Round [Read more]

GONE: It’s all Over, Including the Shouting

It’s 6.30am Sunday morning and my mind is buzzing.  It’s over, finito, Sydney Swans bundled St.Kilda out of the finals with a decisive, confident win.  They did it well from the beginning, pressure, pressure, pressure and we never had it in us to respond with success.  Perhaps the year from hell finally took its toll [Read more]