Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games- Rd 9

ROUND NINE Essendon versus Richmond Saturday, May 22nd, M.C.G. Dreamtime at the ‘G’ It’s not exactly euphoria, but me and Tommy are as happy as clams after our victory over the Sainters.  Phew!  We did a similar thing last year, knocked them over when we were least expected to.  It’s becoming an annual event, like [Read more]

Round 9: Essendon v Richmond – Four quarters of football still too much to ask

Last week, the Richmond faithful saw something they hadn’t seen all year. Their team played four good quarters of football. No, Richmond didn”t get the win but we could see potential for the future. Going to this game that’s all we were hoping for. It’s not guaranteed but it is expected. The bar was set [Read more]


I have always found those American Civil War enthusiasts a curious bunch. The fanatics who dress in the blue of the Union or the grey of the Confederacy and re-enact the battle of Gettysburg in some Pennsylvania field.  It is as if they yearn for a time in history which they never lived through; some [Read more]

No Dreamtime for the Tigers

Essendon   v   Richmond Dreamtime   at   the   ‘G.   One   of   the   major   events   of   the   AFL   fixture,   but   somewhat   shadowed   by   the   two   teams   playing.   Essendon   and   Richmond,   hardly   a   mouthwatering   game.   But,   I   looked   forward   to   seeing   Richmond   play   for   the   first   time   since   the   season   begun. After   all   the   pre-game   festivities,   the   match   finally   [Read more]