Blues win ugly, while Port remain enigmas.

Port Power have been a thorough enigma since they joined the AFL. Hell, they should just be called The Enigmas; it’s an improvement on Power. They might get a new theme song out of the change. What rhymes with enigma. Errr… stigma? Maybe not. It took them a relatively short time to become serious on [Read more]

Port Adelaide v Carlton: Blues Claim Huge Scalp as I Claim a Frustrating Cold

By Damian Watson Throughout my short life there is one question that has left me pondering about Port Adelaide. How can a suburb with a less than adequate reputation produce one of the most successful clubs in Australian Sport? This is by no means a scathing attack on this Adelaide suburb after all the club [Read more]

Fev-less Blues continue to prosper

Round 8- Port v Carlton This was one of the games of the round. Carlton, a much-better side without Brendan Fevola, taking on Port Adelaide at AAMI Stadium, a team that is working and working their way up the ladder. Both teams have serious potential, but who is better? The match began with plenty of [Read more]