Two games are better than one

By Steve Healy Two footy games in one day, could there be a better way to spend a Saturday? I walked towards Etihad Stadium as the sun set over the Melbourne CBD. The Dees had lost, but I was excited about going to the Roos V Crows game, where I would get to catch up [Read more]

North: Fade Outs a Speciality

North Melbourne versus Adelaide 7.10pm, Saturday, May 15 Etihad Stadium During three-quarter time I was almost through a banana, and this thought: ‘We can’t lose this game, we cannot poss…’ when I stopped myself, turned to the big bear of a bloke behind and said, ‘You’re still in this, mate.  We never put teams away.’ [Read more]

Roos limp home at the Dome

This was a big day for me. Attending the AFL for the first time this season. But first things first, I had a game to play against Katamatite, Sam Wright’s home town. Playing against his brothers, they stitched Waaia up by a very disappointing 109 points, with two players taken to hospital with badly broken [Read more]