Pies get one for the road

How slow does school drag on when you know your team is playing that night? I’ll you, it drags on forever, to top it all off I have a huge headache. Don’t stay up past midnight writing a lit essay; it will get to your head before bed and the next morning! I love Friday [Read more]

round 8 – the air crisps

top of the table clash spilling the wine I look up Heater fumbles the air crisps Pendlebury’s pinpoint pass autumn thickens no way through Sandilands night breeze flat-footed forwards in Toovey’s wake darkening skies Cloke from dead in front… all the fallen leaves – we get numbers around the ball umpire’s appreciation round the sound [Read more]

The more things change…

It’s obviously Blockbuster Season again in the AFL. Although, I wouldn’t the only one who suspects Blockbusters aren’t quite what they used to be? The moment a couple of teams string 3 or 4 wins together, we got ourselves a blockbuster folks! Yeehaaa! Roll out the marketing guys. If Collingwood, perchance, happens to be one [Read more]

AFL Round 8 – Fremantle v Collingwood: What if?

by Andrea McNamara Haven’t felt this nervous before a game in ages, maybe since that final in 2007 against West Coast, the one that went into extra time. I was there, I flew over to see what could have been Bucks’ last game, if we’d lost. What a win at the House of Pain – [Read more]