Geelong indulgence

When I was a kid in Queensland we only got to the footy in Melbourne on the rare occasions of a family holiday. We always went with great expectation. I never saw Geelong win. It was, after all, the (second decade of the) wilderness years: the 70s, a period which built a solid foundation of [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games- Rd 8

ROUND EIGHT St. Kilda versus Essendon Sunday, May 16th., Etihad Stadium The Contest Scheduled to take place during the Twilight Hours It’s Sunday, Mother’s Day, bleak at seven o’clock in the morning.  Not cold, but not exactly motherly warm either, and overcast as only Melbourne can be overcast.  It’s a lounging-about, coffee and Sunday papers [Read more]

Two games are better than one

By Steve Healy Two footy games in one day, could there be a better way to spend a Saturday? I walked towards Etihad Stadium as the sun set over the Melbourne CBD. The Dees had lost, but I was excited about going to the Roos V Crows game, where I would get to catch up [Read more]

West Coast Fly High

By Steve Healy I was back at the MCG on another glorious afternoon. This time, it was a little different, we were playing West Coast. Based on recent form, we should’ve smashed them. I met up with a large group of people from school (James, Tim, Miles, Nathan, Matt, Anthony, Josh and Danny) and we [Read more]

North: Fade Outs a Speciality

North Melbourne versus Adelaide 7.10pm, Saturday, May 15 Etihad Stadium During three-quarter time I was almost through a banana, and this thought: ‘We can’t lose this game, we cannot poss…’ when I stopped myself, turned to the big bear of a bloke behind and said, ‘You’re still in this, mate.  We never put teams away.’ [Read more]

Pies get one for the road

How slow does school drag on when you know your team is playing that night? I’ll you, it drags on forever, to top it all off I have a huge headache. Don’t stay up past midnight writing a lit essay; it will get to your head before bed and the next morning! I love Friday [Read more]

round 8 – the air crisps

top of the table clash spilling the wine I look up Heater fumbles the air crisps Pendlebury’s pinpoint pass autumn thickens no way through Sandilands night breeze flat-footed forwards in Toovey’s wake darkening skies Cloke from dead in front… all the fallen leaves – we get numbers around the ball umpire’s appreciation round the sound [Read more]

Dogs bureaucratic processes prevail at Manuka

When footy reports focus on the day, the weather, and the strength of the sunshine, the trees and the colour of their foliage, the state of the oval and the scoreboard, and the food and beverage preferences of those in the reporters’ company, you can usually draw a pretty good conclusion regarding the quality of [Read more]

The more things change…

It’s obviously Blockbuster Season again in the AFL. Although, I wouldn’t the only one who suspects Blockbusters aren’t quite what they used to be? The moment a couple of teams string 3 or 4 wins together, we got ourselves a blockbuster folks! Yeehaaa! Roll out the marketing guys. If Collingwood, perchance, happens to be one [Read more]

Blues win ugly, while Port remain enigmas.

Port Power have been a thorough enigma since they joined the AFL. Hell, they should just be called The Enigmas; it’s an improvement on Power. They might get a new theme song out of the change. What rhymes with enigma. Errr… stigma? Maybe not. It took them a relatively short time to become serious on [Read more]

Hawks Hang on as Burgoyne Does the Number 9 (and the Helmet) Proud

By Sasha Lennon Hawthorn has kept its season alive after holding on against a gallant Richmond in what was certainly not a clash of the titans. Who would have thought at the beginning of the season that the Round 8 match between Hawthorn and Richmond would be a battle of the cellar-dwellers?

Port Adelaide v Carlton: Blues Claim Huge Scalp as I Claim a Frustrating Cold

By Damian Watson Throughout my short life there is one question that has left me pondering about Port Adelaide. How can a suburb with a less than adequate reputation produce one of the most successful clubs in Australian Sport? This is by no means a scathing attack on this Adelaide suburb after all the club [Read more]

The View From Shepparton: Round 8

Geelong and Collingwood are light years ahead of the rest of the competition and next Friday night we will find out which team is the best at the moment. In respect of last Friday night’s game I really thought that Freo would get up. I felt that the Magpies would be useless away in that  [Read more]

Fev-less Blues continue to prosper

Round 8- Port v Carlton This was one of the games of the round. Carlton, a much-better side without Brendan Fevola, taking on Port Adelaide at AAMI Stadium, a team that is working and working their way up the ladder. Both teams have serious potential, but who is better? The match began with plenty of [Read more]


What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  On Friday night The Pies sent The Barry Crockers an unequivocal message about playing at The Elite Level.  Those Crazy Cats from Sleepy Hollow did the same for Vossy’s Lions.  North drew deep on the Shinboner Spirit to hang on against The Fast Finishing Chardonnays and West [Read more]

AFL Round 8 – Fremantle v Collingwood: What if?

by Andrea McNamara Haven’t felt this nervous before a game in ages, maybe since that final in 2007 against West Coast, the one that went into extra time. I was there, I flew over to see what could have been Bucks’ last game, if we’d lost. What a win at the House of Pain – [Read more]

Roos limp home at the Dome

This was a big day for me. Attending the AFL for the first time this season. But first things first, I had a game to play against Katamatite, Sam Wright’s home town. Playing against his brothers, they stitched Waaia up by a very disappointing 109 points, with two players taken to hospital with badly broken [Read more]