Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games: Rd 5

ROUND FIVE COLLINGWOOD versus ESSENDON Sunday, April 25th., M.C.G. Which leaves the Dons at one and three. One of the weekend papers suggested it was going to be a long, cold winter at Windy Hill.  What idiots.  The week following our woeful showing against the West Coast Eagles turns into an Indian Summer with the [Read more]


The national anthem brings the dawn service at the Reservoir cenotaph to a close and a greying man wrapped in black and white trumpets, Carna Pies! Some giggle into their winter coats while a few women puff on heartstarters.  Children hang from parents’ arms.  A craggy digger approaches another standing at the rear of the [Read more]

FPS: ANZAC XVI Pies surge to equal top!

By Mark O’Connell The 16th annual clash between Colingwood and Essendon was, as always, eagerly anticipated. Unfortunately we had to again put up with the annual whingeing about the right of these two teams to have this fixture. Let me re-print something from a previous ANZAC day report Anzac day, as a commemoration of those [Read more]

Off-field consolations must suffice on a bad day for Bombers.

It was a tough day at the “G” on Anzac Day.  Not the company I was with of course, it’s the Annual Father /Son Bonding Day and we always get together for a pre match beer and chat about the season  so far. I admitted i wasn’t feeling to confident but thought if  the Dons [Read more]

Pies play Last Post for Bombers

It’s ANZAC Day. The day we proudly remember our fallen heroes, above any other days, and feel grateful for the sacrifices they made for Australia, also the day that Collingwood and Essendon play on, its tradition. But with recent debate over who should play on the MCG on ANZAC Day, I believe that the Pies [Read more]

Pies show ANZAC spirit while Bombers..just don’t

The Anzac match between my Magpies and the Bombers is one of the most important clashes on the footy fixture. On occasion when I’m out shopping I’ll see a young man dressed in military attire and when I do my mouth goes dry and I get goose bumps. I still can’t understand the bravery of [Read more]