A well-rounded holiday

26 April – the day after ANZAC Day. Which means it is a public holiday as Victoria has adopted the national policy of a day in lieu of the Sunday. Good idea if you are an employee. My actual ANZAC Day was spent at the MCG seeing the Pies dominate the Bombers, so the extra [Read more]

Blues take advantage of fluctuating circumstance

Isn’t it interesting how the sporting landscape can change so immensely in the space of just 7 days? It had been an enjoyable week on a personal level as I completed my Work Experience at Channel 10 and felt thrilled as I took a glimpse at the professional work involved in the fascinating medium of [Read more]

Speed kills: Blues run and run while the Cats plod

Sometimes, the more we think we know, the less we really know. Week after week, we study form, history, maybe even tea leaves, and boldly predict the unknowable. It’s called, amongst other things, footy tipping. Many even venture to wager. Others prognosticate. Aren’t humans amusing? This week’s games looked pretty straight forward. Well, we all [Read more]