Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games: The Finale, Rd 22

Round 22 Western Bulldogs versus Essendon Saturday, August 28th., Etihad Stadium We’re out of coffee beans.  I’ve scrounged and found a bottle of gold-label instant, carefully avoiding a confrontation with the ‘best-by’ date.  And because I have gifted the remaining few jars of cumquat jam to the deserving poor, we’re into Cottees’ marmalade.  As a [Read more]

Dogs get the job done

This was it. This was my time to shine. After 17 long weeks of training in the radio world, I was finally thrust into the deep end. Sure, I had a lot of responsibility. But for the six hours I was required in the studio, I was mainly sitting back, doing nothing. Yet, with a [Read more]