Rd 21 2010: Conflict of Interest

SWANS V BULLDOGS ROUND 21. SCG. 21ST AUGUST 2010 By Neil Jackson Let me declare that I have two passions in life, AFL football and politics. There both right up on top of tree, no challenges from any others, joint gold medals. Like my children, my love and passion for both is a dead heat. [Read more]

A Trip North to Remember

At school I often get asked why I barrack for the Sydney Swans. The reason is because my dad was a old South Melbourne supporter. So when they moved up north, naturally dad (and the rest of his family) become passionate supporters of Sydney instead. I try to go to every Sydney game they play [Read more]

Swans do it for Kirk and Roos

The crowd are up for it at the SCG tonight.  It’s not just a cold wind greeting The Enemy as they take to the field.  Barry Hall, in his first appearance at his old stomping ground since defecting, is a clear target for our displeasure as he lopes around like a freakish white werewolf.  Meanwhile [Read more]