Saints from afar

By Yvette Wroby Friday August 20th Melbourne time:  setting:  USA I am in San Francisco at the Acqua Hotel, on Election day, listening on my computer to the St.Kilda vs Richmond match and it’s a ripper.  Neck and neck since ¼ time, mostly Richmond to begin with.  Everyone is playing to win this, the commentators [Read more]

Cousins no Strangers to a Goal

In simpler times, when humble TV sitcoms ruled the entertainment roost, the Chicago-based Perfect Strangers was a meat-and-three-veg staple in many a family lounge-room. It shared the tale of two long-lost cousins. The neurotic yank Cousin Larry; and the goat-herding Greek shepherd, Cousin Balki. As you’ll recall, a rather mincingly flamboyant Bronson Pinchot starred as [Read more]