J-Pod crosses the line, V-Line crosses Susie

By Susie Giese Okay, so the plan was for me to catch the V-Line from South Geelong, buy a record, find our seats, and set up and get comfortable. It was a good plan. The actuality was that my V-Line was running late (big surprise) so mum and Katherine beat me to Southern Cross. The [Read more]

Love is a strange thing

I first fell in love on a wintry September’s night. It was cold and dark, and I was sitting in the third tier, second row from the front. Geelong was playing Collingwood, and something clicked. I’d never been to a footy match that I really cared about, but this one I did. It was against [Read more]

Cats Crash Blues Party

Looking around, I started to get the shakes real bad. My legs were trembling, the wind was swaying me around, I held onto the hands of the two students helping me with my balance. The teacher quietly said to me “It’s alright, are you ok?” I replied with a simple “F*** it’s windy up here…” [Read more]