Floreat Pica: Reality check

by Mick Ramsdale Time : Thursday 08.49am, ( 19/08/2010 ) . Situation:  Pies are 6 points clear on top of the ladder. A call from Floreat Pica HQ. I  Click on SEND and I’m the report writer for the Crows Clash. Winning has become a habit lately, and the margins have been comfortable. Going backwards [Read more]

Saturday Night Weird

Football on Saturday night was weird – on a number of levels. Let’s start with the game itself. I heard Adelaide’s coach at his post match press conference talk about what a good game of football had just taken place. I tried to work out which game he had been at. The one I had [Read more]

Magpies scrape win as Danni dominates dancefloor

Every Thursday I have that same after school routine. As soon as it hits 5:00pm I drop the newly started homework, get onto the Collingwood website to see the team selection and I hold my breath. *pages loads* I look up and the selection section of the website catches my eye and there he is…. [Read more]