Rd 21 2010: Conflict of Interest

SWANS V BULLDOGS ROUND 21. SCG. 21ST AUGUST 2010 By Neil Jackson Let me declare that I have two passions in life, AFL football and politics. There both right up on top of tree, no challenges from any others, joint gold medals. Like my children, my love and passion for both is a dead heat. [Read more]

Saints from afar

By Yvette Wroby Friday August 20th Melbourne time:  setting:  USA I am in San Francisco at the Acqua Hotel, on Election day, listening on my computer to the St.Kilda vs Richmond match and it’s a ripper.  Neck and neck since ¼ time, mostly Richmond to begin with.  Everyone is playing to win this, the commentators [Read more]

A Trip North to Remember

At school I often get asked why I barrack for the Sydney Swans. The reason is because my dad was a old South Melbourne supporter. So when they moved up north, naturally dad (and the rest of his family) become passionate supporters of Sydney instead. I try to go to every Sydney game they play [Read more]

Pleasant Sunday Evening Footy

West Coast Eagles versus North Melbourne 2.40pm, Sunday, August 22 Subiaco Oval, Perth It’s late Wednesday afternoon – three days since we played the Eagles – and I’m under the pump.  Struggling for air halfway through a crazy working week, I’ve managed to steal an hour or so in which to write this piece.  I [Read more]

Cousins no Strangers to a Goal

In simpler times, when humble TV sitcoms ruled the entertainment roost, the Chicago-based Perfect Strangers was a meat-and-three-veg staple in many a family lounge-room. It shared the tale of two long-lost cousins. The neurotic yank Cousin Larry; and the goat-herding Greek shepherd, Cousin Balki. As you’ll recall, a rather mincingly flamboyant Bronson Pinchot starred as [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats Round 21: Ignoring the obvious

Stats Entertainment – Round 21 by Andrew Gigacz IGNORING THE OBVIOUS – FINAL EIGHT NOT SO FINAL Well, the top 8 is settled, if not exactly in order, then at least in its composition. Or so the media would have you believe. But they seem to be ignoring one obvious point. It will only take [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Round 21

by Peter Schumacher Liam Jurrah, that mark is what sets our game apart from all of the rest, long live AFL. By the way, nothing too much wrong with Goddard’s mark either. I happened to view a DVD of the 2001 Grand Final which Brisbane won against Essendon. This year my extended family and I [Read more]

Floreat Pica: Reality check

by Mick Ramsdale Time : Thursday 08.49am, ( 19/08/2010 ) . Situation:  Pies are 6 points clear on top of the ladder. A call from Floreat Pica HQ. I  Click on SEND and I’m the report writer for the Crows Clash. Winning has become a habit lately, and the margins have been comfortable. Going backwards [Read more]

J-Pod crosses the line, V-Line crosses Susie

By Susie Giese Okay, so the plan was for me to catch the V-Line from South Geelong, buy a record, find our seats, and set up and get comfortable. It was a good plan. The actuality was that my V-Line was running late (big surprise) so mum and Katherine beat me to Southern Cross. The [Read more]

Saturday Night Weird

Football on Saturday night was weird – on a number of levels. Let’s start with the game itself. I heard Adelaide’s coach at his post match press conference talk about what a good game of football had just taken place. I tried to work out which game he had been at. The one I had [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games: Round 21

Round 21 Essendon versus Brisbane Lions Sunday, August 22nd., Etihad Stadium Over cumquat toast and Sumatran coffee, me and Tommy put Essendon’s 98-point Friday night flogging by premiership favourites Collingwood into a context that might, just might, provide some sense of healing.  Or closure. This is the shape of our dribbling, uninspired conversation.  Geelong beat [Read more]

Roos win one for Boomer

I remember the last time these two played teams played earlier in the year. North, coming off a horror 104 point loss to St Kilda and with skipper Brent Harvey’s confidence extremely low after his worst ever game, responded in perfect fashion against the Eagles at Etihad Stadium, with Harvey blitzing the young West Coast [Read more]

Swans do it for Kirk and Roos

The crowd are up for it at the SCG tonight.  It’s not just a cold wind greeting The Enemy as they take to the field.  Barry Hall, in his first appearance at his old stomping ground since defecting, is a clear target for our displeasure as he lopes around like a freakish white werewolf.  Meanwhile [Read more]

Love is a strange thing

I first fell in love on a wintry September’s night. It was cold and dark, and I was sitting in the third tier, second row from the front. Geelong was playing Collingwood, and something clicked. I’d never been to a footy match that I really cared about, but this one I did. It was against [Read more]

Magpies scrape win as Danni dominates dancefloor

Every Thursday I have that same after school routine. As soon as it hits 5:00pm I drop the newly started homework, get onto the Collingwood website to see the team selection and I hold my breath. *pages loads* I look up and the selection section of the website catches my eye and there he is…. [Read more]

Cats Crash Blues Party

Looking around, I started to get the shakes real bad. My legs were trembling, the wind was swaying me around, I held onto the hands of the two students helping me with my balance. The teacher quietly said to me “It’s alright, are you ok?” I replied with a simple “F*** it’s windy up here…” [Read more]