Lord, grant us salvation from the Magpie army

By Susie Giese “That’s right, just run over the Salvation army guy,” sister Katherine laughs at me. In the midst of the pandemonium that is the crowd flocking to the MCG, one split-second to turn and talk to mum results in near-disaster. How does one work off the demerit of knocking down a tin-rattler? Thank-fully, [Read more]

FPS Report- Round 19 Collingwood v Geelong.

By Timothy O’Leary Unity 1. the state of being one; oneness. 2. a whole or totality as combining all its parts into one. Preface The game began for me, unexpectedly, at 4.00 PM on the Saturday afternoon as I entered the Bikram Yoga Studio in Fitzroy. This is yoga is done in a room at [Read more]

Video replay dismay- Cats lose but I’m ok

The AFL should bring in video replays for umpires, the Cats lose, and Cam Mooney needs to learn how to kick.

Pies Dominate: Civilisation Teeters on the Brink

Forget Global Warming. Forget Nuclear Disarmament. Forget Peak Oil. Collingwood have beaten the Cats to become red hot flag favourites. This is getting really serious. Forget Malthusian concerns over population, it’s the potential impact of Malthousian theory that should be occupying minds on the campaign trail.

Pies psychology barrier broken by high pitched squealing

When the Pies face the Cats, you always know it’s going to be a ripper. There are a few similarities between there two great teams. They both have stripes, they are both playing very well at the moment, they have the superstar ‘untagables’ in Gazza and Swanny and according to Tom Harley; Collingwood is ‘ominously [Read more]