Sydney Smackdown at the hands of Geelong

By Susie Giese I am a great little sister. Along with mum, I went all the way to Sydney, just to visit brother Darren. Oh, what’s this? Geelong is playing in NSW this weekend? What a pleasant coincidence! At first, I thought the dreaded Kardinia Park weather had followed us up north. Rain, the weatherman [Read more]

Swan Dive

“Put the whole team on Ablett!” The throaty plea in the third did not emanate from Paul Roos in his Zen garden calm of the managers bench but from some bloke behind me.  He’d been screaming at the top of his lungs all game raising questions on a wide range of topics.  From The Enemy’s [Read more]

Cats Overpower Swans

The prospect of being home alone appealed to me. Listening to music loudly, playing my favourite radio station instead of 95.3 that Dad insists on listening to and watching a bit of TV. With Mum away in Adelaide and Dad at the footy in Waaia (I’m a week away from playing again), I would be [Read more]