Bomber form irrelevant as Saints succumb again

by David Downer As pre-match curtain raisers go, you could do worse than spending a lazy seven hours at the All Nations Hotel in Richmond. Amongst the now familiar joie-de-vivre of the “afternoon session”, the impending federal election ensured any non-footy banter turned political in nature – the turn a touch more left than right [Read more]

Why oh why?

By Ged McMahon Last Thursday I did something that I really shouldn’t have. I betrayed a long term intimate relationship. I broke the trust and went against everything I’ve ever believed in … I tipped against my beloved Bombers. I agonised over my decision for some time. I felt sick in the stomach and was [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games- Rd 18

Round 18 Essendon versus St. Kilda Etihad Stadium, Friday, July 30th. “The coach is an oaf.”  Thus spake Zarathustra, aka Thomas Hubble, the dramatic effect compromised by a blob of cumquat marmalade on his chin. “You going to shred your membership, oh wise one?” “No, seriously Peter, hear me out.” “You provide me with food, [Read more]

Bombers maintain grip over the Saints

Essendon v St Kilda As my alarm went off at the usual time of 7:07am, I groaned at the thought of another cold morning at school. But then I remembered. I wasn’t going to school; I was going to the Almanac lunch, so I sprung out of bed and had a spring in my step. [Read more]