Cloke and swagger

by Sue Currie Anticipation was buzzing on Saturday as I climbed aboard the Collingwood Special at Clifton Hill station.  This week was ‘rivalry round’ between my Pies and our historic arch-enemy, Carlton, which is a misnomer in our case, since every Melbourne-based team sees us as their greatest rival.  Just look at Sheeds’ new joke [Read more]

Just another flogging at the hands of the Pies

by Steve Healy Collingwood v Carlton games are normally a pleasure to watch. It is undoubtedly the greatest rivalry in footy. This match was a pleasure to watch, but not the sort of pleasure you get from a hard fought contest, where both teams go hard at the ball and the ball bounces from one [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games- Rd 18

Round 18 Essendon versus St. Kilda Etihad Stadium, Friday, July 30th. “The coach is an oaf.”  Thus spake Zarathustra, aka Thomas Hubble, the dramatic effect compromised by a blob of cumquat marmalade on his chin. “You going to shred your membership, oh wise one?” “No, seriously Peter, hear me out.” “You provide me with food, [Read more]

Numbers just don’t add up for the Blues

By Tony Reed Like most of you out there, I just love my footy, especially the anticipated leading up to the first bounce.  It’s even better when you have a big game against traditional enemies, and it just so happens that over the next 3 weeks, Carlton plays what I consider our traditional rivals.  It [Read more]

Floreat Pica Report- Rd 18 Collingwood V Carlton

irresistible a too strong, convincing, delightful etc. to be resisted One of my favourite match reports in the 2009 Footy Almanac came from a North supporter called Andrew Starkie.  Andrew’s report started : “I hate Carlton; despise them. My loathing is limitless, my contempt physical.  It causes my forehead to burn and a deep pain [Read more]

Karma Curses Carlton

“Arrghhhh F*cking Collingwood!!!! OH-MY GOSHH LIKE I sweeear Carlton better f*cking win this time! F*cking Collingwood are on top of the laddaaahh…”  Ahh, what a great start to my Monday morning. This is exactly what I want to hear. Not one to normally take a cheap shot like that I decide to let it go, [Read more]