Bomber form irrelevant as Saints succumb again

by David Downer As pre-match curtain raisers go, you could do worse than spending a lazy seven hours at the All Nations Hotel in Richmond. Amongst the now familiar joie-de-vivre of the “afternoon session”, the impending federal election ensured any non-footy banter turned political in nature – the turn a touch more left than right [Read more]

“We’ll be right”

by Andrew Starkie Western Bulldogs versus North Melbourne 2.10pm, Sunday, August 1 Etihad Stadium, Melbourne During half-time, a craggy old Northerner wobbles up beside me and rests on the railing.    He’s wearing a Kangaroo beanie and needs a walking stick to stay upright.  We get to talking and his voice is like a firecracker as [Read more]

Cloke and swagger

by Sue Currie Anticipation was buzzing on Saturday as I climbed aboard the Collingwood Special at Clifton Hill station.  This week was ‘rivalry round’ between my Pies and our historic arch-enemy, Carlton, which is a misnomer in our case, since every Melbourne-based team sees us as their greatest rival.  Just look at Sheeds’ new joke [Read more]

Just another flogging at the hands of the Pies

by Steve Healy Collingwood v Carlton games are normally a pleasure to watch. It is undoubtedly the greatest rivalry in footy. This match was a pleasure to watch, but not the sort of pleasure you get from a hard fought contest, where both teams go hard at the ball and the ball bounces from one [Read more]

Why oh why?

By Ged McMahon Last Thursday I did something that I really shouldn’t have. I betrayed a long term intimate relationship. I broke the trust and went against everything I’ve ever believed in … I tipped against my beloved Bombers. I agonised over my decision for some time. I felt sick in the stomach and was [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Round 18

The question is, will the Bulldogs move forward after their win against North Melbourne or it all come to a ghastly end if not on 21 August then some time in September? Will the Bulldogs fortunes be in sync with those of their number one ticket holder? I think that it is fair to say [Read more]

Sydney Smackdown at the hands of Geelong

By Susie Giese I am a great little sister. Along with mum, I went all the way to Sydney, just to visit brother Darren. Oh, what’s this? Geelong is playing in NSW this weekend? What a pleasant coincidence! At first, I thought the dreaded Kardinia Park weather had followed us up north. Rain, the weatherman [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats – Round 18: North falls just short of target

STATS ENTERTAINMENT – ROUND 18 by Andrew Gigacz GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY SLIPS THROUGH KANGAROOS’ FINGERS North Melbourne will be lamenting missing a golden opportunity that slipped through their fingers on Sunday afternoon. A win over the Bulldogs by 257 points (depending on the scoreline) would have been enough for the Kangas to grab a spot in [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Feeling Faints slip dramatically in the polls as Tony Abbott becomes the Number 1 ticket holder at John Pascoe Fawkner Reserve.  The Miseries can expect some comings and goings around at Visy Park after The Magpies, with the Whole Football World looking [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games- Rd 18

Round 18 Essendon versus St. Kilda Etihad Stadium, Friday, July 30th. “The coach is an oaf.”  Thus spake Zarathustra, aka Thomas Hubble, the dramatic effect compromised by a blob of cumquat marmalade on his chin. “You going to shred your membership, oh wise one?” “No, seriously Peter, hear me out.” “You provide me with food, [Read more]

Roos confirm doubts

I wasn’t feeling good about this game during the week. North Melbourne weren’t a chance to end a three-game losing streak against the ‘Scray. Talking with the local butcher, who goes for the Bulldogs, he asks if I want to make a wager on the game, like we always do when these two teams play. [Read more]

Swan Dive

“Put the whole team on Ablett!” The throaty plea in the third did not emanate from Paul Roos in his Zen garden calm of the managers bench but from some bloke behind me.  He’d been screaming at the top of his lungs all game raising questions on a wide range of topics.  From The Enemy’s [Read more]

Numbers just don’t add up for the Blues

By Tony Reed Like most of you out there, I just love my footy, especially the anticipated leading up to the first bounce.  It’s even better when you have a big game against traditional enemies, and it just so happens that over the next 3 weeks, Carlton plays what I consider our traditional rivals.  It [Read more]

Floreat Pica Report- Rd 18 Collingwood V Carlton

irresistible a too strong, convincing, delightful etc. to be resisted One of my favourite match reports in the 2009 Footy Almanac came from a North supporter called Andrew Starkie.  Andrew’s report started : “I hate Carlton; despise them. My loathing is limitless, my contempt physical.  It causes my forehead to burn and a deep pain [Read more]

Karma Curses Carlton

“Arrghhhh F*cking Collingwood!!!! OH-MY GOSHH LIKE I sweeear Carlton better f*cking win this time! F*cking Collingwood are on top of the laddaaahh…”  Ahh, what a great start to my Monday morning. This is exactly what I want to hear. Not one to normally take a cheap shot like that I decide to let it go, [Read more]

Dees hang on in Brisbane

A quiet Saturday night at home. I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch the game. I opted to listen to Brisbane V Melbourne on the radio instead of watching the other game on TV.  It would be an important game- a must-win one to keep our ever-so-slim finals chances alive. Mind you, being put [Read more]

Cats Overpower Swans

The prospect of being home alone appealed to me. Listening to music loudly, playing my favourite radio station instead of 95.3 that Dad insists on listening to and watching a bit of TV. With Mum away in Adelaide and Dad at the footy in Waaia (I’m a week away from playing again), I would be [Read more]

Bombers maintain grip over the Saints

Essendon v St Kilda As my alarm went off at the usual time of 7:07am, I groaned at the thought of another cold morning at school. But then I remembered. I wasn’t going to school; I was going to the Almanac lunch, so I sprung out of bed and had a spring in my step. [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  It’s hardly been a slow news year has it?  This week’s no different.  But you’d have to wonder at the wisdom of Handy Andy’s Great Big New Tax wouldn’t you?  We all saw what happened to the last bloke who tried to [Read more]