Oh, the pain

North Melbourne versus Essendon 7.10pm, Saturday, July 24 Etihad Stadium, Melbourne My mate MOC (his initials are M.O’C.) has been tormenting me our whole lives.  He’s a typically boastful Bomber and has been shoving the perpetual success of his football club – and the relatively humble trophy cabinet of mine – down my throat since [Read more]

Silver lining in Kangaroos’ loss

By Darren Dawson North lost by three points on Saturday night. Yes, it would have been wonderful to win the shoot-out at Etihad. But I came away from the game feeling a sense of relief, and not disappointment, that the Kangaroos were now unlikely to be fronting up in the finals. I have long been [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away games- Rd 17

Round 17 North Melbourne versus Essendon Saturday, July 24th., Etihad Stadium The final stage of Saturday night’s rescue mission to the coast is not pleasant travelling. The aftermath of The Riot’s heave-go lingers in the Audi, big-time.  Even with the heater off and the windows down, it is impossible to escape the rank, fresh-vomit smell.  [Read more]