Floreat Pica Report- Collingwood Vs Richmond – Round 17 2010

By Paul Fahey Scene from The Castle (1997) Darryl Kerrigan: Dale dug a hole. Tell ’em Dale. Dale Kerrigan: I dug a hole. When a top team plays a bottom team in any sport I reckon it’s a bit like digging a hole – it just has to get done! Sometimes you dig it deep, [Read more]

Tiger roar turns ‘meow’

No matter how much you wish you could, you can’t deny that my Magpies are looking smokin’ hot right now. Now I know all you non- Collingwood supporters hyperventilate or break a sweat when you see us on the top of the ladder but admit it, the way the boys are playing they deserve it. [Read more]

Mission Failed in Terms of a Contest

After sleeping-in until 10:30, I felt very refreshed as I woke up to start a brand new day. Collingwood v Richmond on a Saturday afternoon at the MCG, can you get any more traditional than that?