Still in the hunt

Richmond versus North Melbourne 2.10pm, Sunday, July 18 MCG The Eureka Game Despite the fact the Tigers are aiming for five wins in a row for the first time since KB was running around, and we were put to sleep by the Swanzzzzz last week, and Petrie and Thomas re-join Anthony and Ziebell on the [Read more]

Weather Poor, Roos Great

By Steve Healy Admittedly, this was an average game of footy. I was hoping for a good, close game, something akin to the last time these two teams played, which was also Round 16 last year. But it was much of a one-sided affair from quarter time onwards. It wasn’t the fierce, contested game that [Read more]

Roos 8-8, Barnstable 5-0

It was grey, it was cold, it was 8:30 in the morning, and I was standing around behind the Waaia goalposts waiting for the bus to arrive. We were going to the footy. Finally, it did arrive, and we all piled on. I was nervous, not because I didn’t fancy North’s chances, but the plans [Read more]