What’s best served cold?

Warning: The following contains Collingwood stereotypes of the cheap low-hanging fruit variety and may offend/delight some readers. When flying to Europe on our honeymoon last year, the good wife decreed we organise a two day stopover in Dubai. The shimmering, glittering, juxtaposed jewel of the Middle East. The Vegas of Arabia. The route would require [Read more]

Haiku Bob: round 16 – fingers of sun

Saints get the first – Magpies and seagulls form huddles blustery day – Swan’s first half dozen to collect his thoughts noon chill – players dropping marks I blow into my hands winter echoes – Heater’s mark again on the big screen stop start wind – forwards turn defenders turn forwards long winter – Leigh [Read more]

A Collingwood High Road?

By Suzy Lewis Collingwood versus St Kilda – Saturday 17 July 2010 “…In retrospect we sort of seemed to have it for most of the second half, but you never know, do you, what can happen.  It’s just been part of my football upbringing,  I don’t expect anything until it’s there and in reality and [Read more]

Pies and Zhivagos Dominate a Full Cultural Menu

Weekends which encompass time at the MCG combined with time at the Corner Hotel, are weekends well-spent, even if they are not very productive. Productivity is further compromised if the weekends are bookended by liberal doses of red wine. Juicer and Nicole arrived from Warragul Friday evening.  As St Kilda supporters, they are really not [Read more]

Saints Loss leads to heavenly love

“Girls, you do know that you can have your heart broken without being in love don’t you?”- asked my History teacher yesterday during period five. “Yep, Defiantly” I respond, nodding my head and thinking back to the Pies Vs Lions Grand final losses. In the past few years we and have not been able to [Read more]