Cats dealing with history

I am sitting at the desk of Manning Clark. It’s where he penned the six volume History of Australia, and many other books and papers, essay and newspaper articles. If I turn around I can almost reach the filing cabinets, which are full of letters from Patrick White and others for whom the life of the [Read more]

Cats fall over the line

Heroics from The Good Witch Bartel and The Munchkin Stokes get Cats to a memorable win, writes Sam Marcolin

A Thorny Saturday Contest

It’s probably not a good idea to be pruning roses when you’re listening to a close game of footy. There I was on the front garden on Saturday afternoon cutting back a large white rose bush that clambers its way across and over our front and side fence. It’s one of those bushes that has [Read more]

Cat’s celebrate the return of the Saturday Arvo Blockbuster

Still sick, I had to miss Waaia’s match with Katamatite. I had planned to go up and watch it, but Dad declared it too cold for me to go. As I waited around the house for the afternoon, I waited for ‘it’. Finally, it’s back. A Saturday afternoon blockbuster at the MCG, how we’ve missed [Read more]