Hawk resurgence continues

This  game  was  set  to  be  enormous.  A  win  for  the  Bulldogs  meant  that  they  would  be  back  to  their  best  after  a  shaky  first  half  of  the  year.  As  for  the  Hawks,  a  win  for  them  meant  they  were  a  serious  finals  contender,  who  at  one  stage  were  1-6  but  haven’t  lost  ever  since. [Read more]

Hawks Home in a Classic

After a tiring day in Bendigo, I was ready to get home and relax on the couch. After catching the flu, I felt a little bit better but still had my worries. I didn’t know if I would be right to play footy the next morning against Waaia’s biggest rival, Katunga. That had been at [Read more]