round 14 – one touch at a time

the night drifts along until Didak another night punctuated by Harry’s stampedes Jolly sidesteps the night all to himself first goal in an hour followed by another a minute later World Cup month and now Daisy tries a scissor kick night sounds a smother ricochets off the roof Swan up the ground and back one [Read more]

Floreat Pica Society- West Coast Game

By John Ramsdale I hate this ground-see Bulldogs report, 6/6/2010. On paper this looked like a straightforward game and we should have approached it with great confidence. Tim had marked this down as a win in his half –year summary. However, based on previous experience going into games that were classified as certain wins there [Read more]

Magpies make score board statement as Danni puts voice to paper

Apparently I have a throat infection; it’s that time of year when every one gets sick all the time. My throat feels scratched and I can’t last five minutes without having a coughing fit. In two days I’ve gone through three packets of Butter Menthols and I’m waking up crankier than normal, which trust me [Read more]