Jabiru impressions of a stormy night

On Friday night I drove in 33 degree heat from Darwin to Jabiru. A roadhouse burger in one hand I jabbed at my crackling radio, willing it to give me some sounds of home… As night fell I found Gerard and Drew on 774 and then (when that dropped out) the genuine ‘insights’ of Rocking [Read more]

That Blasted Holy Grail still in sight

When Mark Seymour scripted Holy Grail back in 1992 – just as the Cats lost the second of their four grand finals in that era (ooh, early knife there), I doubt whether he and his merry minstrels envisaged their royalty cheques skewing significantly every September over a decade later. Thanks to Channel Ten’s incessant dead-horse [Read more]

Cats Machine Rusty on a Wet Night

The rain poured, making a mess of my blazer in minutes. The train was delayed, so consequentially it was packed. I had to run in school shoes for fifty metres to get out of the freezing June rain. And I did it all with a smile. School was over. The Friday afternoon rain just made [Read more]

Slippery Saints Subdue Cranky Cats

In some ways this was going to be a Grand Final replay; just some. Certainly, a lot of the usual suspects were there; but a lot weren’t. It was wet just like last Grand Final day; but the lights were on, and it was Friday. Most importantly, it was Round 13, not Grand Final day. [Read more]

A Game of Two Halves, Both of Them Dour

Footy is more a game of four quarters than it is a game of two halves. But tonight, it was much a game of two halves, keeping in theme with the World Cup that is currently taking place. In the wet, dour struggle that was tonight’s game, Geelong owned the first half while a spirited [Read more]