Well, I’d been looking forward all week to my Saturday night. Yes, according to my friends and colleagues I live a fairly staid lifestyle but in my little world – a winter’s night in on the couch watching my AFL team followed by the national soccer team at the World Cup IS an enjoyable evening. [Read more]

Somethings off in the Kitchen

After attending the debacle which was last Friday night I felt I would be better watching the Blues from the safety of the lounge in tropical Canberra. Still emotionally and physical scarred from the mid season trip to the home of sport it was with some trepidation that I switched on the box on Saturday [Read more]

Dockers Steady the Ship, but no Kreuzing for Blues from here

As the physical demands of the AFL season continue to grow, the period around the mid season break has become increasingly significant. All teams appreciate the respite for sore bodies, whilst those for whom the season hasn’t gone to plan get a chance to take stock and relaunch. For young sides that have been early [Read more]