A new chant for new hope

At the ten-minute mark of the second quarter, a singular magnificently poignant act from the Richmond cheer squad makes my heart swell with pride and hope. For the last ten years, one man in footy has deserved a chant of his own-Richo, requiring no other name, the chant befitting no other player. The Tiger supporters [Read more]

Jacko was otherwise occupied

After staying at my friend Jeff’s house, he told me on Saturday night that he would set his alarm for 7:00am and wake me up by 8am. We both woke up at 8:15am. We quickly got ready and headed off to Melbourne with his Dad in his old Torana. I’ve been in comfier cars, I’ll [Read more]


Richmond enters this clash with West Coast as favourites. Now, that’s a novelty. How will the Tiger cubs handle the weight of expectation? The first five minutes of the match are consumed by constant ball-ups. Then WHAM! If the Tigers are striding into uncharted territory as the bookies’ choice, they now make a bold strike [Read more]