haiku bob: what’s left of the light

winter dusk… the pleasant gloom of a drawn game the cold – not enough on the kick blustery wind – Leon switches on and off deep winter – Fraser’s dropped mark takes us deeper bare stems – our brittle lead grows by a point another behind leaves me chuckling in the chill air deep in [Read more]

Floreat Pica Rd 12- Draw your own Conclusions

By Paul Harkin MATCH REPORT The day didn’t start well with the 4-0 thrashing of Australia by Germany in the World Cup. The trip to the footy was uneventful. After we settled into our seats, Greta Bradman (The Don’s granddaughter) serenaded us with a touch of opera. Where else but in front of the MCC [Read more]

A classic finish to a very long sporting weekend

Waking up to the cold chill of the early winter morning, I moved to the loungeroom with my blankets and pillow to continue my heavy sleep after a hectic weekend. After waking up again, this time in the early afternoon, I made the decision to stay home as Mum and Dad go to Shepparton. As [Read more]