Geelong indulgence

When I was a kid in Queensland we only got to the footy in Melbourne on the rare occasions of a family holiday. We always went with great expectation. I never saw Geelong win. It was, after all, the (second decade of the) wilderness years: the 70s, a period which built a solid foundation of [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games: Rd 12

ROUND 12 Essendon versus Geelong Cats Saturday, June 12th., Etihad Stadium The clock radio says 2:33.  I lie here in luxurious, Cleopatra-comfort, trying to identify what has woken me.  Not a sound from outside, not even swishing car-sounds from Huntleigh Road – but upstairs the toilet flushes and shortly after I hear Tommy pad-padding down [Read more]

Geelong Poetry Trumps Bomber Frenzy

“What’s wrong Dad?” my young son Liam asked me. I must have looked somewhat anxious and disturbed. “Nothing really” I said “The Bombers have made a comeback and they only trail by 5 points.” “That’s terrible” he said, looking decidedly anxious and disturbed.