When Dog Hopes Were High

Round 12 2010: Western Bulldogs vs. Brisbane Lions -Sunday 13tf of June -Etihad stadium By Cam Hargraves Living in the ACT, I’m usually limited to 2 to 3 (providing we can make the finals) live games a year in Melbourne. And on Friday the 11th of June my mother, father and I (all diehard dogs [Read more]

haiku bob: what’s left of the light

winter dusk… the pleasant gloom of a drawn game the cold – not enough on the kick blustery wind – Leon switches on and off deep winter – Fraser’s dropped mark takes us deeper bare stems – our brittle lead grows by a point another behind leaves me chuckling in the chill air deep in [Read more]

Geelong indulgence

When I was a kid in Queensland we only got to the footy in Melbourne on the rare occasions of a family holiday. We always went with great expectation. I never saw Geelong win. It was, after all, the (second decade of the) wilderness years: the 70s, a period which built a solid foundation of [Read more]

A new chant for new hope

At the ten-minute mark of the second quarter, a singular magnificently poignant act from the Richmond cheer squad makes my heart swell with pride and hope. For the last ten years, one man in footy has deserved a chant of his own-Richo, requiring no other name, the chant befitting no other player. The Tiger supporters [Read more]

Floreat Pica Rd 12- Draw your own Conclusions

By Paul Harkin MATCH REPORT The day didn’t start well with the 4-0 thrashing of Australia by Germany in the World Cup. The trip to the footy was uneventful. After we settled into our seats, Greta Bradman (The Don’s granddaughter) serenaded us with a touch of opera. Where else but in front of the MCC [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats Round 12: Last gasp goal for “drawn again” Magpies

Stats Entertainment – Round 12 by Andrew Gigacz THE WRONG CONCLUSION TO DRAW What is it with these young modern folk? Lamenting a draw like this week’s blockbuster between Melbourne and the Pies on the rare occasion that one occurs. Sure, it can be an empty feeling for the players and supporters. And yes, neither [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The flags are ¼ mast along La Via Lygon as the paperboys herald the news – The Shinboners are BIT.  The Hawks also, as they play their first real game of Football for the season against The Hapless Chardonnays.  The Power came out [Read more]

Draws SUCK!

Rapunzel is DEAD. That’s right; I’ve chopped off my extremely long hair and for the first time ever, I’ve gone blonde. Well not really. LOL it’s really Blonde extensions in my newly dyed blue-black hair, and it’s all for Jack Anthony, you know he seems to have a thing for blondes. Monday morning comes and [Read more]

Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games: Rd 12

ROUND 12 Essendon versus Geelong Cats Saturday, June 12th., Etihad Stadium The clock radio says 2:33.  I lie here in luxurious, Cleopatra-comfort, trying to identify what has woken me.  Not a sound from outside, not even swishing car-sounds from Huntleigh Road – but upstairs the toilet flushes and shortly after I hear Tommy pad-padding down [Read more]

Jacko was otherwise occupied

After staying at my friend Jeff’s house, he told me on Saturday night that he would set his alarm for 7:00am and wake me up by 8am. We both woke up at 8:15am. We quickly got ready and headed off to Melbourne with his Dad in his old Torana. I’ve been in comfier cars, I’ll [Read more]


Richmond enters this clash with West Coast as favourites. Now, that’s a novelty. How will the Tiger cubs handle the weight of expectation? The first five minutes of the match are consumed by constant ball-ups. Then WHAM! If the Tigers are striding into uncharted territory as the bookies’ choice, they now make a bold strike [Read more]

A classic finish to a very long sporting weekend

Waking up to the cold chill of the early winter morning, I moved to the loungeroom with my blankets and pillow to continue my heavy sleep after a hectic weekend. After waking up again, this time in the early afternoon, I made the decision to stay home as Mum and Dad go to Shepparton. As [Read more]

Geelong Poetry Trumps Bomber Frenzy

“What’s wrong Dad?” my young son Liam asked me. I must have looked somewhat anxious and disturbed. “Nothing really” I said “The Bombers have made a comeback and they only trail by 5 points.” “That’s terrible” he said, looking decidedly anxious and disturbed.

Roos put on a Friday Night Special

25 years of Friday night football. Pioneered by North Melbourne, people will always remember seeing the Krakouer brothers, Wayne Carey, Anthony Stevens, Mick Martyn, Corey McKernan, David King, Glenn Archer, Shannon Grant and the like strutting their stuff on the big stage of Friday night. Sadly though, North have not received their fair share of [Read more]

North Burn Those Friday Night Lights Again

The AFL loves to celebrate the game’s great traditions… as long as it doesn’t interfere with business. North Melbourne have been rightly lauded as the club responsible for popularising Friday night footy. With the 25th anniversary of the near riot that launched the first Friday Blockbuster, we have been regaled  with tales of the King’s [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The World Game gets its four yearly carnival under way tonight and the planet stops to watch.  At least it’s got Akka & chequebook football off the pages for a bit.  These pages at least.  So what if Football’s most unstable bottom [Read more]