How we tried to lose the unlosable game.

By John Ramsdale What a ridiculous time to play football; marginally better than a Monday, but still ridiculous. The only advantage is that it puts off thought s of returning to work or school for a couple of hours. I hate this ground: its location, its surface, we do not seem to play well there, [Read more]

Livewire Leon lets loose.

By Ramon Dobb Don’t you just love the AFL draw, as we play OUR home game against Footascray at the Doggie Dome.  It seems like we’ve played the Doggies four times in the past 19 rounds all at Doggie Dome….  Hang on, we have!! Yep, sorry its me again, after seeing Steve’s pleas for a [Read more]

The Unwelcome Guest

You don’t barrack for Collingwood; you ache for them. Following the Pies is an illness, a lifelong disease with no apparent cure. I go to Etihad then on a bleak winter’s night with few hopes of anything good and the expectation that afterwards I might need a panadol or two. It’s been a tough weekend. [Read more]