Fickle Fev Fires Up in Fourth Quarter Surge

By Steve Healy The Lions are in danger. After five losses in a row following a 4-0 start, Brown and Fevola have supposedly playing injured and they have arguably lost their three best defenders in Merrett, Drummond and Adcock in the blink of an eye to bad injuries. This puts enormous pressure on blokes like [Read more]

Haiku Bob: round 10 – stars far apart

raising our beers to Didak’s first he snags another stars far apart – Cloke sends a long bomb to nowhere talk of a leadership spill – Maxwell loses traction on his own line rock in the stream – Ball stands in a tackle of four a mark only Brown could take taken again shimmering floodlight [Read more]

It’s true – Two Wrongs don’t make a Right.

By Ramon Dobb The game was wrong, Wrong, just plain WRONG.  The Black & White effort was WRONG, the Green Martians effort was WRONG and as the mathematicians and academics will know, it therefore calculated out to a result that was just not RIGHT. This is my fourth footy season as a “Mexican” based on [Read more]