Grand Final day 2010: London

What happens when you have to watch the Grand Final from half a world away? Grown men in sheep costumes, apparently. Brenton Shaughnessy braved the 3am start, the Fosters cans and the expat Collingwood fans to experience a beloved ritual from foreign turf.

Pies, Joffa and Barry Manilow on Grand Final day in Vegas

How Nick saved me from Mandy In many years to come football fans around the globe will remember exactly where they were when the siren brought down the curtain on the 2010 drawn AFL Grand Final. That’s the way it is with drawn grand finals. I recall officiating over Bay 13 in a green coat [Read more]

Enough to try a Saint

Brian Matthews didn’t get the fairytale ending, but this Eureka Street article still makes for a fine tale of football dependence syndrome.

Floreat Pica Report- Premiership Edition

PART ONE – Game 1: “Weird” is definitely the word from last week – thanks Steve, perfectly worded yet again.  For me it was doubly so – as I’ll explain! For any of you who subscribed to the Hot Pies Fanzine from 1999 – 2004, you may recall a “page filler” on page 26 of [Read more]

My Grand Finals

They are My Kids and I Love Them I was born in 1970, the year Collingwood finished on top of the ladder and should have won the flag. I began following Collingwood in 1977, the year Collingwood finished on top of the ladder and should have won the flag (after an agonisingly close draw). Although [Read more]

The Pre Wrap Lite – Mid-week Edition

by John Mosig FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  James Hird has fulfilled his childhood ambition – to train The Dive Bombers.  David Evans said Hirdy was the standout applicant in an exhaustive interview process.  He must have been.  They’re paying the Prahran U9 coach a reported cool [Read more]

The Real Experience from the Great Southern Stand

by Lucas Garth OK. My review, having not watched any TV replay or listened to the game on radio. Literally just watched the game live without input from any analyst which I though was hard to do but made for a gripping “real” experience. First quarter Collingwood played very well early, could have had 6 [Read more]

“Go Hawks!”

by Bill Walker I was accepted to the Knackery after a cold call to John Harms early in 2008. I had heard about the first book on the Coodabeens when they were at that convenient Sunday night spot. After spending the summer chuckling away, to the annoyance of all nearby, with my snout in the [Read more]

My Grand Final

by Bob Utber I decided on Friday night that I would line up at 4.00am instead of the original time of 5 as I had every reason to think that there might be a crowd already. Driving through the streets of East Melbourne it was hard to find a parking spot and I took a [Read more]

Smells like team spirit

Cheyenne’s first impressions inside the G eerily echoed the end of the day. (Cheyenne and Running Dear had purposely avoided the horrible INXS coverband, sitting on the lawn outside the ground, only entering the Shrine at 2.10pm. The real INXS were bad enough, but this reincarnation had to be missed.) Our seats were near where [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  As Collingwood prepare for their 3rd GF in a row in 2010, down at Moorabbin they’re getting ready for Round XXVII.  But for all those who believe in the Devine Nature of Our Great Game, the Football Gods have spoken.  The Collywobbles are [Read more]

That which I most feared has come to pass.

By Stephanie Holt For 43 years I’ve had one dream – or, at least, one that’s endured unchanged. A St Kilda premiership. And for almost as long, I’ve had one dread. Meeting Collingwood in a Grand Final. There are two ways to rewrite the script of ’66, and only one bears contemplating. It doesn’t help [Read more]

The View From Shepparton: Grand Final Pt 1

The human mind is fallible of course for example, I reckon that this has been the coldest spring in a decade, but it probably hasn’t been. The Grand Final is the social event of the year in our household. Largely because of this I recently purchased a 63 inch 3D TV. Pity that the arrival [Read more]

Suffering in Silence at the Bowl.

TO FOLLOW COLLINGWOOD IS TO SUFFER; it is to make friends with a person who keeps on letting you down; it is to have grief as a constant companion. All week I repeat the same mantra to my wife Melissa the Saint- “If we win it will be by a lot, if you win it [Read more]

Haiku Bob: grand final draw – nowhere to be seen

September morning – a magpie’s song pierces my brain Spring clouds – the teams gather in their huddles first warm day players clutching and spilling a hot ball blood pouring from the full-back’s nose – spring heat glare of the sun – the path to goal nowhere to be seen Spring breeze – Davis goals [Read more]

Grand Final: Collingwood vs St Kilda – The greatest game I’ve ever seen

I’m normally pumped for Grand Final day; absolutely pumped and excited for the game, but today a different feeling has taken over. This feeling has been with me since Friday night’s preliminary final and has not gone away. It’s fear. Fear that Collingwood will actually win the premiership. All year I conceded Collingwood had the [Read more]

Fixing the national anthem problem for the replay

I know a lot of people probably don’t agree, but I reckon Advance Australia Fair – when it is sung well (and only then) – can be great.  I can never hear it anywhere without adding the MCG siren sound at the end and 100,000 people yelling in my head. The GF anthem is one [Read more]

In the Year of Waiting, we await a result

weird a 1. Of, relating to, or suggestive of the preternatural or supernatural. 2. Of a strikingly odd or unusual character; strange. 3. Archaic Of or relating to fate or the Fates (this one unnerves me a bit). In a world in which everything and everyone seems to be in a hurry, surely 2010 will [Read more]

Everyone is being nice

That’s what I’ve come away with from yesterday’s Grand Final draw.  Both St.Kilda and Collingwood players and fans were so stunned at the result, that it was quiet, reserved, polite.  Collingwood fans and St.Kilda fans TALKED to each other, shared their shock and disbelief, shook their heads at each other, laughed.  Said “See you next [Read more]

Extra time is the way to go

Imagine epic music, TV preview style, in the background as you read this paragraph. The anticipation builds in the moments leading up to the first bounce in the last match of 2010. In just under 3 hours, we will know who will hold aloft the premiership cup at the end of this long, grueling 2010 [Read more]