Prelim jinx claims Dogs again

I apologise to all Footscray supporters. I am truly sorry. Blame me for the loss, don’t blame the players, it is all on me. After a fairly taxing day sitting in the studio of One FM (yes, it can be tiring), I walked through the dying sunlight towards my sister Hayley’s house. It’s not a [Read more]

Our 2010 Preliminary Final

We did it.  The Saints passed “GO” with a brilliant display of 7 goals in the 3rd quarter.  They were putting on a clinic themselves after a first half  that I’d rather forget. The forgettable half we only kicked 3.6 to Bulldogs 4.6, the first quarter worse, 1.5 11 to 3.1. 19.  The Doggies looked [Read more]

The Forgotten Prelim- St Kilda v Western Bulldogs

Has a side ever come from 5 goals down to win a final and earned less plaudits? And when has a runner-up ever knocked off the reigning premier, survived all manner of off field distraction, and set itself for a crack at another GF, but still not been given its dues. The irony is that [Read more]