AFL Round 9: The Cats, Tim Lane and The Bultman

by Stephen Cooke The Bultman made his way straight to me at a wedding reception after the Cats snagged the Grand Final on that one day to remember. For someone with access to an open bar for more than an hour, his eyes were surprisingly focussed. “What’s it like?” he asked. I told him seeing [Read more]

AFL Round 9: Dogs may be the real deal after all

by Josh Barnstable I am very nervous. I’m on the phone, waiting to be introduced. As I sit there, Kathy Bedford and Peter ‘Crackers’ Keenan talk footy and are about to introduce me to the Friday Afternoon panel. Finally I’m given an introduction and my radio gig flows nicely. Asked for my tip on tonight’s [Read more]

AFL Round 9: What pain is that?

By Andrew Gigacz   When my son Oliver was about three, he took an interest in birds. Living near a park afforded us an opportunity to be exposed to all manner of feathered creatures. Many were easy to identify: magpies, kookaburras, rainbow lorikeets.   But Oliver has an eye for detail and he soon became [Read more]