Dud game

by Daniel Cherny St.Kilda and Fremantle are the most bizarre of rivals. They have never met in a final, and they have no geographical proximity. Yet clashes between the Saints and the Dockers have an incredible ability to deliver the absurd. Perhaps it is fitting that the two most pathetic teams in league history- St.Kilda [Read more]

Ablett on Fire in Milestone Match

by Julian Morison The ‘milestone game’ effect is much debated – are there benefits or otherwise for the player and team involved? Regardless of the actual impact, it invariably adds conviction to the expectations of a winning team and offers a thread of hope to a struggling combination. Before heading to Footy Park, I watched [Read more]

Don’t mention the marshmallow war

North Melbourne a Essendon 1.10pm, Sunday, 19 April Etihad Stadium, Melbourne By Mark Wallace It was just like any other run-of-the-mill weekend day in our seaside hamlet on the Bellarine Peninsula. Nothin’ special. Picked up the papers, had the usual Sunday morning breakfast — poached eggs on sourdough toast. Stacey prefers it with a generous [Read more]

Are we a good team? It’s a very Bulldogs question

By Christopher Riordan “This ism, that ism, ism, ism, ism, ism …” — John Lennon Sometimes I try to rise above the pervading Footscray pessimism and, like today, confidently declare a certain win. Rarely am I right! The Flemington Junior Football Club under-14D team manager, Leonie, is generally a vibrant, rational, upbeat person, but harbours [Read more]

Seventh heaven, my bootlace. Writing match reports is a terrible business

By Andrew Stafford A few days after the Brisbane v Collingwood clash at the Gabba, I received an email from a fellow Pies tragic. “You must have been in seventh heaven!” she gushed. Several other friends, not all of them Magpie fans, made similar comments. My job is a source of some envy. I am [Read more]

Strange, tingly feeling leads to rare delight

By Barry Levinson From the moment Round 3 concluded with yet another Richmond loss, I began looking ahead to Round 4 with a strange, tingly feeling inside … the sort of strange, tingly feeling usually reserved for the build-up to a final. But I wasn’t imagining the sensation … as a Melbourne supporter, this was [Read more]

Tigers continue to wander around the desert in circles

By John Green It’s the game Richmond have to win. When supporters first perused the 2009 draw this clash with lowly Melbourne was pencilled in as a certainty. Humiliate those Bluebagger upstarts who were coming and we all knew it, fly the colours against the Cats and the Bulldogs in the following rounds, boost the [Read more]

Richmond clown removes his make-up

  By Christopher Riordan   How could we resist? It’s not often that you get the chance to witness cannibalism on the terraces but, if the papers are to be believed (I know this has just taken a credibility dive), that is what will happen if the “eat their young” Tiger fans witness a loss [Read more]

The day the footy and racing stars aligned and Tom Logan took a screamer

By Christoper Riordan Passion and sport are natural bed-partners. Rightly so. Look at any major sporting event around the world and see how the crowd and participants feed off each others’ energy. Liverpool’s Kop, the start of the Melbourne Cup, Lillee charging in from (almost on behalf of) Bay 13. Stirring moments. There is, though, [Read more]

Oh what a feeling for a Port fan

By Nick Kossatch It was hard for me to get up at ten minutes past four on the Saturday morning in the lead-up to the Port and Hawthorn clash at the MCG in the afternoon. “Gee, the Power boys better win,” I said to myself. “Last time I was at the ’G it was a [Read more]

Round 4 haiku: reeling them in

distant thunder Rocca lugs his thighs to the square * * rain soaked shoes while they dry abusing the umps! * * half moon our defence also sliced in half * * between scudding clouds the moon and Pendlebury * * half-time cigarette a long sigh joins the leaden sky * * after heavy rain [Read more]

Gazza goes nuts and the French girls don’t care

By Peter Flynn Milburn out. Lonergan in. Suggestions that Bomber was overruled at the selection table. Believe! West is unlucky and Mumford gets his chance to impress. I sit myself down in preparation for an even contest. I am next to two strikingly good looking French girls who don’t appear to share my anticipation for [Read more]

It’s a wonderful feeling to share a win with Demons fans

By Steve Healy This was the most important game of the round. Both teams had opened with three losses and not looked like winning. The best thing about the lead-up to this game was that the media were talking about how bad Richmond were. Terry Wallace was under extreme pressure after being talked down by [Read more]

Andrew Gigacz’s Round 4 Stat. Declaration

St Kilda dominated the stupid stats in this round. In a tribute to 100-gamer Sam Fisher, the Saints went postal. Their goal sequence across the four quarters was 5, 3, 4, 5. And of course we all know that 5345 is the postcode of Fisher in South Australia. Not only that, Fisher just happens to [Read more]

Ablett on Fire

From the comfort of an armchair in front of the box, we get to see the occasional remarkable thing. Today, I got to see two. I’d been quiet on the punt during the Sydney Easter carnival. But, with some cash in the bank and form to make a mug of Deane Lester, today was the [Read more]

Magic Medhurst beats flood by surfing it

Aqueous – a. Of water; containing water; produced by water. A wet mixture. Watery place, Brisbane. Where rain is rain. Soaking everything it hits. Even the things it doesn’t. Like today. Like my socks. Wet through. Often it doesn’t rain in Brisbane, of course. Clear, hot, dry days. These days are the wettest. On these [Read more]

Vintage Cheese: a tribute to Shane O’Bree.

First half:  Cheesed off. A strange thing happened between Collingwood and Brisbane in the nineties and the noughties—it was the AFL’s equivalent of Sliding Doors or Trading Places. While one group of players and staff became the victors (Leigh Matthews, Gubby Allan, Mal Michael), the others became the vanquished (Jarrod Molloy, Nathan Buckley). Another to [Read more]