AFL Round 22: Pies need to go back to the drawing board

By Tony Scully Evening, Floreat Picans, or should I say, Mourning? I went for a long and arduous pushbike ride on Sunday morning. As I struggled into a headwind (I was thinking of the match later in the day to take my mind off the pain) I was swooped by a zealous Magpie. I thought [Read more]

AFL Round 22: Arrrrggghhhh!!! Magpies force me to attack Nutella jar with a spoon

On Friday night I decided not to watch the footy after hearing that my favourite actor Colin Firth’s movie Nanny McPhee was on the TV. By the end of the movie I felt so very annoyed, I said:  “Be damned Colin Firth! Why do you have to be 49 years old AND married?” Colin is [Read more]

AFL Round 22: We are Collingwood

The equation for this game was incredibly simple, even for Collingwood. All we had to do was not lose by more than twenty-two points. A loss by less than this amount would give us a game against the Cats next week (possibly minus Chapman and S. Johnson) and would also mean that we avoided Adelaide’s [Read more]