AFL Round 22: Crows’ win keeps me awake all night

By Anne Fedorowytsch I restlessly woke in the early hours of Sunday morning in my Melbourne hotel room suffering from a case of Crows-induced insomnia. My mind was murky with mesmerising memories from the evening before and now I was wide-awake reliving them over and over. The walkway connecting Melbourne’s grey-city streets to Etihad Stadium [Read more]

AFL Round 22: The only thing worse than a humiliating Carlton defeat is the feedback from cocky Crows supporters who’ve ventured across the border

The incomparable element of Round 22 is the excitement surrounding the matches that will shape the finals series. The best example is final round of the 1987 season when Steve Kernahan’s wobbly helicopter punt after the siren against North Melbourne at Waverley gave the Blues top spot and of course the hysteria surrounding the Melbourne [Read more]