Talkin’ Hawks Blitzin Blues Blues

“Somebody said they saw me Swinging the world by the tail Bouncing over a white cloud. Killing the Blues”       John Prine The night, the game is still a blur to me, such was the anticipation leading up to the first bounce. By the time the game got under way I was all over the shop. [Read more]

The Pre-Wrap: A salute to Lloyd for memorable career

For the Philosophical Marngrook Follower What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie. Now here’s some Breaking News.  Lloydy may have played his last game in the Red & Black of Whingy Hill.  The story going around is that Coach Knighter wants him to play further up the ground (about fourth row in the W.H. [Read more]

AFL Round 22: Everyone’s a winner when Saints squeeze past Dees

By Margaret Duncan It is the last match for Melbourne in the 2009 season, a team with the dubious honour of being on the bottom of the league ladder.  St Kilda are on top. But after two losses in the previous two weeks, and after 19 straight wins before that, they are a bit rattled.  [Read more]

AFL Round 22: Crows’ win keeps me awake all night

By Anne Fedorowytsch I restlessly woke in the early hours of Sunday morning in my Melbourne hotel room suffering from a case of Crows-induced insomnia. My mind was murky with mesmerising memories from the evening before and now I was wide-awake reliving them over and over. The walkway connecting Melbourne’s grey-city streets to Etihad Stadium [Read more]

AFL Round 22: Bend it like Blighty

Port Adelaide versus North Melbourne 7.10pm, Saturday, August 29 AAMI Stadium I don’t like watching footy on TV.  I feel disengaged, not part of the action.  I can’t smell the air, feel the atmosphere or become emotionally involved with the game.  The screen is too small to capture all the action on our large, oval [Read more]

AFL Round 22: Pies need to go back to the drawing board

By Tony Scully Evening, Floreat Picans, or should I say, Mourning? I went for a long and arduous pushbike ride on Sunday morning. As I struggled into a headwind (I was thinking of the match later in the day to take my mind off the pain) I was swooped by a zealous Magpie. I thought [Read more]

AFL Round 22: Dees see out legends with plucky performance

Walking into the MCG is harder than normal today, knowing that a few club champions’ careers are at an end. I sit in my usual reserved seat, with the usual 50-year old man sitting in front of me, who I notice isn’t wearing a hat for the first home game this year.

AFL Round 22: Roos win match that is much better than it looked on paper

This game on paper looks terrible. But there’s more meaning behind it when two Port players, who’ve been there since it all started, are hanging up their boots. Brendon Lade and Peter Burgoyne will finish with 474 games and 374 goals between them. In Round 1, 1997, both of them kicked a goal each in [Read more]

AFL Round 22: The only thing worse than a humiliating Carlton defeat is the feedback from cocky Crows supporters who’ve ventured across the border

The incomparable element of Round 22 is the excitement surrounding the matches that will shape the finals series. The best example is final round of the 1987 season when Steve Kernahan’s wobbly helicopter punt after the siren against North Melbourne at Waverley gave the Blues top spot and of course the hysteria surrounding the Melbourne [Read more]

AFL Round 22: Arrrrggghhhh!!! Magpies force me to attack Nutella jar with a spoon

On Friday night I decided not to watch the footy after hearing that my favourite actor Colin Firth’s movie Nanny McPhee was on the TV. By the end of the movie I felt so very annoyed, I said:  “Be damned Colin Firth! Why do you have to be 49 years old AND married?” Colin is [Read more]

Round 22: Tigers find a fitting way to end the season

At the start of the season this game was going to mean a lot. It was going to be Richmond’s victory leading into its first finals campaign since 2001; it was hopefully also going to be the homecoming and celebration of Ben Cousins returning to Subiaco to face his old club. Twenty-one rounds later and [Read more]

AFL Round 22: Bombers charge down home straight towards the finals

So it all comes down to this. We must beat last year’s premiers to make the eight. Them or  us. Desperation is the name of today’s game. The Bombers have made hard work of trying to make the finals. Winning thrillers against top teams but failing to consolidate against lower placed teams has placed us [Read more]

AFL Round 22: We are Collingwood

The equation for this game was incredibly simple, even for Collingwood. All we had to do was not lose by more than twenty-two points. A loss by less than this amount would give us a game against the Cats next week (possibly minus Chapman and S. Johnson) and would also mean that we avoided Adelaide’s [Read more]

AFL Round 22: Eagles end season with a walk in the park

The last round of the season has come upon us, which is always sad for supporters, especially the ones who barrack for bottom eight sides. This game is one that means nothing: 12th v 15th.